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Camp Introduction
Dear Parents, Coaches, and Campers,

I have taught shooting for forty two years.  Parents and coaches have constantly asked me to teach their kids and players to shoot like myself.  I taught myself how to shoot, so in teaching shooting, I simply try to go through the same process I went through that capsulizes all those years of experience into a short concentrated period of instruction.  In 1970, I looked at game film of myself shooting a basketball.  I broke my fundamentals down and I have taught the Rick Mount Shooting System all over the United States.  I believe everybody can learn best by seeing and then copying the right way of shooting a basketball.  Practice makes perfect.  No, PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

Iurge you to enroll now so you can get on the road to perfect practice and learning how to shoot the ball the right way.  I am limiting each session to 100 campers in order that I can provide individual instruction to each player.

I look forward to working with you this summer.


Rick Mount  #10
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